Skin Discoloration

Age Spots, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Dark Circle Under Eyes

At MicroSpa, we are able to offer an unparalleled experience that can not be found anywhere else in Central Florida - total and complete rejuvenation. Using powerful and innovative technology, MicroSpa is able to provide total rejuvenation for the skin inside and out, ensuring that vibrant, visible results are achieved.

All treatments are done in quick 20 minute sessions.

If you suffer from Rosacea, treatments are designed to increase blood circulation and bring more nutrients to the skin’s surface which helps to reduce inflammation and keeps the skin from breaking down. It also helps to normalize dry or oily skin, achieving an overall improvement in skin tone and texture.
If you suffer from Hyperpigmentation, treatment will improve discoloration caused by sun damage, chemical build-up, and chemical reactions from chemical peels, and excessive use of skin damaging products. Red and Infrared Light is used to normalize the melanin within the skin. The amount of treatments needed vary depending on the amount of damage to the skin, the thickness of the skin and the age of the client.
If you suffer from Scars, powerful Infrared and Red light is used to stimulate the reduction of fibrotic tissue and the replacement of normal tissue. You will notice softening of scar tissue, and flattening and widening of the scar. This is a normal sequence in scar reduction. With several more sessions the flat, wide scar will become thinner and remain flat.
In today's market, professionals and consumers are quickly recognizing the amazing benefits of non-invasive LED light therapy, making it one of the hottest and most requested skin care treatments on the market. This affordable method of rejuvenation with Red and Infrared light therapy effectively re-energizes aging and damaged skin by stimulating the cellular renewal response from deep within the tissue to repair and renew tired damaged cells and stimulate the rejuvenation process that takes place to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.
LED light therapy has proven effective for a wide range of skin rejuvenation needs. This safe, affordable treatment combines Red and Infrared Light Therapy for various forms of skin discoloration - such as hyperpigmentation, scars and rosacea. Compared with other procedures for skin rejuvenation, LED light therapy is an especially attractive skin care alternative. In fact, most people find LED therapy to be a soothing experience!

• Quick 20 minute treatment
• Inexpensive
• NASA discovered technology
• Relaxing environment, with aromatherapy, soothing spa sounds and gentle candlelight
• Enhance your results with Clear Choice skin care products. 100% Money Back Guaranteed.
• No down time
• No negative side effects
• No surgery
• No thermal damage
• No scarring or discoloration
• No pain or discomfort

“I started my LED regimen at MicroSpa two months ago to get rid of dark spots on my cheeks. Two treatments later, I could see them lightening up! And my husband was the first person to notice which was great! At first I was skeptical about how the treatment works because it just involves light, but now I am a believer! And I have recently started using the Enlighten product from Clear Choice – now my dark spots are pretty much gone! My skin looks great, and I don’t have to wear foundation or concealer anymore!” Mary M. – Apopka, FL

Recommended Skincare Products from Clear Choice to Enhance Your Results:

• Rosacea (Dry Skin): Hydrating Cleanser, Hydrating Balance, ISO Moisture, Advanced K, Sport Shield 45
• Rosacea (Oily Skin): Hydrating Cleanser, Hydrating Balance, Matrix Repair Serum, Advanced K, Sport Shield 45
• Hyperpigmentation / Age Sports: Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Anti Wrinkle Retinox, Enlighten, LumiLacti C, Advanced K, Sport Shield 45
• Scars: Stretch Mark and Scar Therapy
• Dark Circles Under Eyes: Advanced K, Sport Shield 45

Lightwave Documentation

There are many scientifically proven and well-documented life processes that are light dependent. For instance:
• Photosynthesis (plants)
• Production of vitamin D in human skin
• Regulation of moods and circadian rhythm in both humans and animals

LIGHTWAVE™ therapy stimulates the rejuvenation of living tissue through the process of “photo-bio-stimulation", which means “the stimulation of life with light." Photobiostimulation is very similar to the process of photosynthesis. As you remember from high school, photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the energy, which drives the functions of the plant at the cellular level, allowing the plant to thrive. Chlorophyll is to the plant what ATP is to the human body. Neither chlorophyll nor ATP can be manufactured without the presence of specific-wavelengths of light.
If you planted something in the best soil and gave it the highest quality of water and fertilizer but no sunlight, the plant would die. This is because, in the absence of sunlight, the plant cannot make use of the great nutrients at its disposal. Similarly, if you fed your body the best foods, took the highest-grade supplements, drank the purest water available, but didn't have access to specific-wavelengths of light, your body would not be able to produce ATP. As a result, each of the cellular processes would grind to a halt, resulting in death at the cellular level.
Realistically, you are not going to be totally deprived of light. However, as you age, your cellular metabolism slows down and your cells get “tired”. While increasing the quality of your nutrient intake may help you look and feel somewhat better, this alone will not significantly affect the rate of cellular metabolism. The nutrients you ingest need to be converted to ATP before they can fuel life processes at the cellular level. This is where light therapy can help. To put it simply, LIGHTWAVE™ therapy is the process of supplementing your body with light, so that the body can repair itself.
ATP is the fuel that powers life at the cellular level. LIGHTWAVE™ therapy stimulates the mitochondria and increases the production of ATP within the treated tissues. In addition to sparking ATP production, LIGHTWAVE™ therapy also stimulates specific cellular organelles, depending on the condition being targeted.
It is important to note that the (visible red and Infra-red) energies used in a LIGHTWAVE™ treatment do not heal/rejuvenate the tissues being treated. LIGHTWAVE™ simply provides the tissues being treated with the energy necessary to spark the production of ATP. Once ATP is produced, the body will use this energy to carry out repair and rejuvenation on a cellular level and in return, the body will visibly repair itself.
LEDÂ’s play a factor in that they provide the source of infra-red and visible red light needed by the body. Red light penetrates the skin more superficially than that of infra-red light which can affect tissue cells as deep as 20cm. Both forms of light stimulate cells in different ways which increases the effectiveness of treatments and increase the spectrum of ailments that can be targeted.

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