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MicroSpa has partnered with KBL to bring you the BEST tanning technology on the market. Gone is “only tanning,” – the new generation of tanning has moved towards the holistic feel good experience of tanning. KBL has led the way for pursuing the worldwide mega-trend of wellness and beauty, and continues to introduce new technologies and features to satisfy that trend. Tanning in a KBL bed is not just tanning – it’s a beautiful, soothing, relaxing experience! None like you’ve ever experienced before.
Our KBL 6800 Alpha offers eucalyptus aromatherapy, air conditioning, cooling misters, soothing LED colors, and built-in MP3 players. In addition, it’s the ONLY tanning bed in the industry that allows you to choose between 3 levels of tanning – Basic, Mediterranean, or Caribbean. In addition to all the extras, it gives amazing color with VHR lamps, and high pressure shoulder and facial tanners.
Our KBL Pure Energy Tower is a powerful standup unit – perfect for those that are on the “go.” In as little as 5 minutes, you can be in and out with beautiful color! Our unit also has a built-in VibraNano which burns calories, tones muscles, and increases circulation WHILE you tan – which helps you skin get even darker!
33 MicroSpa in Apopka, Florida is proud to be the only salon in a 200 mile radius offering the KBL 6800 Alpha. AND MicroSpa was selected by KBL to be the exclusive salon in the USA to offer the Pure Energy Tower with built-in VibraNano.

The Most Advanced European Tanning Technology in a Spa Environment

KBL 6800 Alpha
• Three levels of tanning to choose from – Basic, Mediterranean, and Caribbean
• Beautiful color changing LED technology
• Facial Tanners
• Exclusive P2 technology to produce more Vitamin D3 than traditional beds or the sun
• Eucalyptus aromatherapy, MP3 player, Gentle Cooling Misters, Air Conditioning

KBL Pure Energy Standup featuring built-in VibraNano wellness plate
• Proprietary evoSystem which allows for intense, even tanning in the facial area
• Added tanning power in the shoulder area, ensuring shoulders tan evenly
• Built in air conditioning
• MP3 player
• VibraNano stimulates circulation during your tanning session which allows for deeper, darker tan, allows you to burn calories while tanning, and stimulates the lymphatic system to help detox the body.

High Pressure X2 Sky
• Approximately 99% UVA / 1% UVB to minimize risk of burning
• 360 degrees of High Pressure Tanning
• Open air design to eliminate claustrophobia
• Multiple body cooling fans and adjustable air shower vents for added comfort
• Will tan fair skin without burning
• Tans deeper than traditional tanning equipment

High Pressure Tanning in Apopka, FL

For those clients who wish an even higher quality of tan, MicroSpa is proud to offer the High Pressure X2 Sky. High Pressure beds primarily utilize UVA rays, which penetrate deeper in the skin, to provide a darker, longer lasting tan. Also, because of the high pressure lamps used throughout, those with fair skin can tan – without burning! After you have built up a base tan, you will only need to tan in this unit twice a month to maintain color. Now there’s no excuse for not keeping up with your tan! The unit also provides you with 360 degrees of tanning, an open-air design (great for those who are claustrophobic), air conditioning, and built-in MP3 player.

Tanning FAQs
Q How do I know if I should be tanning with a Bronzer or Tingle lotion?
A Lotions that contain bronzers are a wonderful option to help enhance your tanning results.
Single Bronzers have a cosmetic bronzer in the lotion to help you tan naturally, and also add a bronze highlight on the surface of your skin. Dual Bronzers have both this cosmetic bronzer, as well the same DHA that is in the Mystic tan solution. So, you get triple results by tanning naturally, allowing the DHA to oxidize your skin to deepen the color, and by adding a cosmetic bronzer to the surface of your skin.


A “tingle” lotion is a lotion that contains Niacin. This helps to stimulate the blood flow, which helps to boost your tanning results. You will be very red when you leave (and you will feel a tingle), which will fade as time passes. This is a great lotion for anyone who has hit a plateau with their tanning and need to break through it.

Q What if I buy a product that I don’t like anymore… can I exchange it for another one?
A We do not allow any refunds or exchanges on products. We do, however, offer smallerlotion packets that you may purchase beforehand to see if you like the lotion before you purchase the full bottle.

Q Why would I need to tan with indoor tanning lotion? When I went in to tan, I was told it was important.
A It is also important to switch up your lotion to continually stimulate your skin and enhance your results.

Q I was told I had to wait 24 Hours to tan again… is that true?
A Yes. Florida State Law prohibits anyone from tanning more than once within 24 Hours. We have both legal and software restrictions that will not allow us to tan you again until at least 24 Hours from the last time you tanned. Unfortunately, this is not something that we have control over.
Keep in mind that this law applies to UV beds only, and not a Sunless tan.

Q Can I tan if I have a tattoo?
A Yes! Be sure to cover your tattoo with an SPF product to help prevent any fading. We offer a Tattoo Balm Stick that will help you accurately “draw” the SPF over your tattoo to also help prevent any tattoo tan lines.

Apopka FL Tanning Bed Lotions

About tanning bed lotions: For many years, our society has operated under the maxim that “tanned is beautiful”…
While tanning was once confined to the summer months, fast and efficient tanning beds have made it easy for anyone to build and maintain a gorgeous bronze tan 12 months a year. rubbed or sprayed on, you can “do it yourself” right before bed and shower it off in the morning. Depending on the product you choose you may see results very quickly, so within an hour you could be enjoying life as a bronzed god or goddess, even in the dead of winter!
One of the best ways to maximize your tanning experience is with indoor tanning lotions that protect your skin and can help to accelerate the tanning process. These tanning bed lotions can be applied both before and after tanning since tanning actually continues for some time after each tanning bed session, especially when using the tanning-bed lotion. Tanning bed lotions typically contain tyrosine, an amino acid that helps the body to produce melanin. Melanin production is also stimulated by the UVB rays emitted in a tanning bed; indoor tanning lotions can enhance this production.
Tyrosine also helps the body retain melanin longer by replenishing the amino acids and slowing down the exfoliation process. Lotions with tyrosine may also help to clean your pores since tyrosine has been shown to be an antioxidant, binding harmful free radical molecules together and allowing them to be exfoliated.
Many tanning-bed lotions also contain Vitamin E, which also helps to clear your pores, and copper, which can reduce the visibilityof unsightly scars and other skin flaws. Others also contain Strivitan and Matrixyl 3000, ingredients used in cosmeceutical and medical grade skin care products to combat fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant effects of both tyrosine and Vitamin E can also help to fight some signs of aging, in particular, they will work to prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on your face.
Tanning-bed lotions also moisturize your skin, which is important since the UV rays that your body receives during tanning will work to dry out your skin. Using indoor lotions help to counteract this drying and provide nutrients that your skin needs to resist the effects of the environment around you. Studies have also shown that moist skin tans better than dry skin. In fact, 60% of your tan time is wasted without the use of lotion, because light reflects off of dry skin. Therefore, using indoor tanning lotions that moisturize your skin can improve the efficiency of your tanning sessions and may even result in your needing to visit the tanning salon less.
Tanning bed lotions come in many different forms. Some tanning bed lotions are considered tan accelerators or tan maximizers, and contain ingredients that enhance the effects of tyrosine. Still others are considered moisturizers that help your skin recover following tanning sessions. Whichever product you choose, you will be sure to find a great selection of tanning lotions. MicroSpa will be able to provide you a wide range of choices. If you have purchased a home tanning bed, you will likely be able to purchase cheap tanning lotions directly from your tanning bed manufacturer. These manufactures typically receive a great deal from tanning lotion makers, and will often pass these savings on to you as an incentive to purchase their tanning bed!
Tanning Truth
How do we tan?
Tanning takes place in the skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis, with special cells called melanocytes. When exposed to UV-B light (short wave ultraviolet), melanocytes produce the pigment, melanin. The pinkish melanin travels up through the epidermis and is absorbed by other skin cells. When exposed to UV-A light (longer wave), melanin oxidizes or darkens. This is your skin’s way of protecting itself against too much UV light.

Why does a tan fade?
Cells in the epidermis are constantly reproducing and pushing older cells upward toward the surface of your skin, where they are sloughed off in about one month. As your skin replaces its cells, the cells laden with melanin are removed. So the tanning process must continue with the new cells.

Why Indoor Tanning is Better
It doesn’t take all day to get a tan indoors. Depending on your skin type, just a few minutes, not hours. Maintain your tan for as little as 40 minutes a month.

You don’t have to get yourself all sweaty and sandy at the beach in order to get a tan.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allow us to monitor and scientifically control your ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B exposure. We make sure you tan and not burn.

Overcast, rainy, or 109 in the shade, you never have to worry about the weather with our pleasant, climate-controlled environment.

Be Safe. Tan Smart *
Lip and Eye Protection
Lips don’t produce melanin and eyelids are too thin to block UV. That’s why it’s important to wear lip balms with sunscreen and protective goggles. Eyewear must be certified ’21CFR’. We offer a selection of goggles that meet these Federal standards. You can avoid “Raccoon Eyes” by gently adjusting your goggles while you tan, but never remove them completely.

When you tan outdoors, you are exposed to uncontrolled and often excessive amounts of multi-frequency UV that can cause “sunburn” and permanent damage. When you are outside, wear appropriate protection.

Some medications can cause reactions with UV light. MicroSpa has a list that you can look at to see if any medications you are taking will cause an adverse reaction from tanning. Please confirm with this list and/or let your doctor know you are tanning before using any of our tanning equipment.

* MicroSpa is a proud member of the International Smart Tan Network ® – dedicated to teaching you how to maximize your benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the risks of either too much or too little sunlight. And all MicroSpa staff are Smart Tan Certified.

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