Acne Treatment in Apopka FL

Acne Spa Treatment using Lightwave ™ Technology

No Medication, No Burning, No Tingling … PAIN FREE!
Microspa offers LIGHTWAVE Blue and Red Light Therapy as a pain-free, effective treatment of acne. The treatment uses high-end LED’s to distribute specific visible wavelengths of light to the skin’s problematic areas.
Just one 30 minute treatment will noticeably reduce acne, by significantly reducing the P. acnes – the bacteria responsible for causing acne.
After cleansing your face with Clear Choice skin cleanser and a Clarisonic professional skincare brush, you will first be exposed to fifteen minutes of blue light. The light enters the sebaceious glands to create oxygen. P. acnes bacteria cannot live in an oxygen rich environment – hence, the P. acnes bacteria dies.
After the blue light, you will be exposed to fifteen minutes of red light. This light aids in the healing process of the skin and prevents infection and scarring from occurring.

“I’ve tried medications, peels, and nothing worked that well. In just a few treatments at Microspa, I clearly noticed a difference – my acne’s almost gone! And even the scars are fading!” Michelle S. – Altamonte Springs, FL
• Quick 30 minute treatment
• Inexpensive
• Relaxing environment, with aromatherapy, soothing spa sounds and gentle candlelight
• NASA discovered technology
• No thermal damage, side effects, discomfort or downtime
• Use of Clarisonic Professional Skin Care Brush included with each treatment

To enhance your results, use in conjunction with Clear Choice acne products. 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

Recommended Acne Treatment Skincare Products from Clear Choice to Enhance Your Results:

• Gentle Foaming Cleanser
• Clear Balance MoisturizerRecommended Skincare Products from Clear Choice to Enhance Your Results:
• Gentle Foaming Cleanser
• Clear Balance Moisturizer
• Moisture Clear
• BP 8%
• VAT (Volcanic Active Treatment)
• Clinical Spot Treatment
• Mini Facial Masque
• P-E-C Pumpkin Enzyme Complex
• Enlighten

To help your results last longer (and for the cleanest skin of your life), use of the Clarisonic Professional Skin Care Brush with the Spot Therapy kit is highly recommended with your at home regimen.

Lightwave™ Blue, Red and Infrared Light Therapy is 100% natural with no known adverse side effects, making it a safe alternative to prescription drugs and other painful treatment options. LIGHTWAVE™ utilizes Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology with a low-level power output, which has been determined by the FDA to be of non-significant risk. LIGHTWAVE™ treatments are completely noninvasive and do not produce any thermal damage or pain, like IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or highpowered laser resurfacing units.

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